Easi-lift Tape

Sticky Fingers  were the original supplier of this tape into the craft trade. As standard double-sided tape can be a bit of a ‘fiddle’ to remove the backing paper, in this tape the release paper is 12mm wide and the adhesive strip 6mm wide. This leaves an edge that enables the release paper to be removed easily. The 6/12 tape is the most useful size but a 12/18 version is also available. Both rolls are 50 metres long.

Double Sided Tape

Mounts and bonds invisibly without the use of wet adhesives.  It is very easy to use; just cut off the length required, lay it down onto one surface, peel off the quick release paper and make the bond.  The tape has an aggressive adhesive that is suitable for a wide variety of surfaces and materials. It will also withstand heat so it can be used in conjunction with embossing powder. It is available in three widths 3mm, 6mm and 12mm, all of which are on rolls of 50 metres.

Embossable Double-sided Tape

This is a heat resistant double-sided tape that can be used to produce heat embossed straight lines, ideal for borders and edges. It is so simple to use, just cut off the length required, stick it down onto the card and remove the release paper. Sprinkle embossing powder onto the tape, knock off the excess and heat gently as usual with a heat gun. The tape has a high tack adhesive that can also be used with glitter. It is also suitable for all applications in cardmaking and scrapbooking


The popular sizes of tape are 3mm and 6mm but wider widths are also available if required.

Peel-off Tape

This is the answer to all the problems with peel-offs stretching or not going on straight. Just stick the tape over the word, cut to size and gently rub down. Then lift the tape from one end, teasing the start of the peel-off with it.  Like magic, the words will stick to the tape, which can then be placed on your card. Rub gently with your finger again, then carefully lift the tape. If the words or picture are wider than the tape (12mm), just put down more strips, making sure to overlap them slightly. It is also wonderful as a low-tack tape for holding brass stencils, iris folding patterns and other work in place. The rolls are 66 metres in length.

Double-sided Foam Pads

These white double-sided adhesive foam pads bond firmly to many surface and are ideal for use in card making.  The 1mm pads are used to bond materials together, and the 3mm pads are used to produce a 3-D effect. 2mm is often used as a compromise. They are normally supplied in full rolls but are available in smaller quantities if required.


                                                     Pad size                               Quantity per roll                                                                                                          

                                                12 x 12 x 1mm                        2000                    

                                                12 x 25 x 1mm                        2000            

                                                12 x 25 x 2mm                        2000                 

                                                12 x 25 x 3mm                        1000      

3D Foam Pads

These double-sided adhesive foam pads measure 5mm x 5mm, and come on a sheet of 400.  They are very convenient if  you usually cut down the bigger pads.  We have them  2mm and 3mm thick.

Double-sided Foam Tape

This is made from the same material as the foam pads but comes on a roll. It is 2mm thick and 5 metre long. It is available in rolls 8mm wide. It can be used in the same way as the pads, and is popular to make shaker cards.

Magnetic Strip

Self-adhesive magnetic strip is ideal for making fridge magnets or anything else that needs attaching to metal without forming a permanent bond. 12.5mm wide, available as 1 metre lengths, 10 and 30 metre rolls