Fabric Paints

A range of washable pearlescent paints suitable for use on fabrics and other textiles is currently under development. Please enquire for further details.

Stencil Paints

Decorative stencilling is currently out of fashion, but as manufacturers of the successful Elizabeth Gray range of products we still have over 200 colour formulations to hand. These include matt stencil paints, pearlescent, iridescent and metallic finishes. These paints have also proved to be very popular with egg crafters. If you have an interest in any of these types of product, please do get in touch with us, but please be aware that these paints are only available in minimum quantities.


Traditional Gesso has been used for many centuries as a primer for artists to work on.  We have brought it up to date and are able to supply a synthetic Gesso which, because of its flexibe nature, is suitable for fabric, canvas and wood.  It is available in both black and white.