Rainbow Glaze

This is a pack of 6 transparent glazes, one each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet – and yes, we know there are seven colours of the rainbow but decided that indigo came too closely between blue and violet.  The colours can be mixed, so you can always create your own. The glazes come in a fine-tipped bottle which is very easy to squeeze out, giving a lovely fine line with a gloss finish that can be used very effectively on paper, card, acetate, peel-offs, really anything you would use for cardmaking or scrapbooking. 

Metallic Glaze

These are available individually and comprise 8 semi-transparent colours. Red, Green, Pearl, Black, Gold, Silver, Baby Pink, Baby Blue. They are supplied in 30ml bottles with a nozzle and can be applied direct from the bottle or can be brushed on. Suitable for use in all paper crafts.

Decoupage Enamel

This is a water-based product that has been especially formulated for use in decoupage but can of course be used in many other applications.  It is easy and pleasant to use, has no unpleasant odour and gives a good gloss. It is packed in 60ml wide necked jars, but larger sizes can be supplied.

A satin version is also available.

Glaze Drops

This is 3-dimensional crystal clear glaze that can add a finishing touch to so many things.  It is high-build and non-flowing so it can be applied as a single drop to a leaf or flower to give the appearance of dew.  Apply over a stamped outline with the fine nozzle to give depth to the image, or squeeze and brush out over a larger area to imitate an oil-painted finish. Available in 30ml application bottles, larger sizes may be available on request.