Glitter Dust

This is a very fine glitter packed in 15g pots that is ideally suited for card making and other crafts. It is available in Black, Blue, Bright Gold, Cerise, Copper, Crystal White, Emerald Green, Gold, Lavender, Leaf Green, Red, Rose Gold, Royal Blue, Sea Green, Silver and Turquoise. 

We also have holographic Glitter Dust in Gold and Silver, and iridescent glitters which are an exciting extension to our range and look very pretty. They are available in 15gm pots of the following colours; Heather, Ice Blue, Sherbet Lemon, Sherbet Lime, Sherbet Pink, Snowflake and Waterfall.

Luxury Glitter Dust

Also in 15g pots, this comes in Holographic Gold and Holographic Silver, and the following iridescent colours: Heather, Ice Blue, Sherbet Pink, Sherbet Lemon, Sherbet Lime, Snowflake and Waterfall.

Embossing Powders

This is an exciting range that includes iridescent colours.  The iridescent powders are dependent on the colour of the ink to achieve their full effect; for best results match the iridescent colour to the ink beneath, eg. Iridescent Green on green ink.  Used with clear ink they will give a different effect on pale and dark card.  The metallic powders give a very “Metal” finish. They are all available in 15gm jars in the following colours;  Iridescent Red, Iridescent Blue and Iridescent Green: Metallic Gold, Silver, and Copper: Standard colours: Clear, Jet Black and Snow White.


Twinkle Embossing Powder

Gold Twinkle, Silver Twinkle, Snowflake Twinkle, Red Twinkle, Green Twinkle, White Twinkle, Gold Holographic Twinkle and Silver Holographic Twinkle- lots and lots of extra sparkle!

Pearly Powders

A range of pearl powders that is remarkably similar to the leading American brand.  Apply with a cotton bud or brush to the stamped image while it is still wet (a Versamark pad works very well).  For a large area, paint first with Pearly Tack and allow to dry, then apply the powder, alternately mix with a little Pearly Gum and paint on for a similar effect. 

The irridescent colours are fascinating materials as they change appearance depending on the base colour underneath.  This is particularly noticeable if you use a rainbow inkpad.  Using clear ink, they will show differently on black or white paper. 

Please note that although all the jars contain 8gm some of the powders pack down easily and the jars are only half full, others are light and fluffy and fill the jar.


Colours: Antique Gold, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Gold, Irridescent Blue, Irridescent Green, Irridescent Lilac, Irridescent Red, Pearl, Pewter, Rose Gold, Ruby, Silver and Soft Gold.