Autumn Inks

This is a range of autumn-hued inks that can be used to produce heritage type finishes on paper and board. They are supplied in 50ml finger operated pump action spray bottles (known in the States as spritzer bottles) which give an irregular speckled effect. These inks are wonderful for backgrounds and are proving to be very popular. For extra impact use two of the inks, either wet on wet, or wet on dry. To achieve a different effect, pour some ink onto a piece of sponge and apply to the card, or wipe with a sponge after spraying onto card.

Autumn inks are available in seven colours, Autumn Gold, Blackberry, Blueberry, Maple, Olive, Raspberry and Walnut.

Summer Inks

This is a range of spray inks that compliment the popular Autumn Inks. It contains ten inks that are used to give bright summer colours to paper and board. They are available in Aqua, Bluebell, Buttercup, Delphinium, Grass Green, Laurel Green, Lilac, Marigold, Pink and Poppy. By flooding a piece of card with two or three inks, and allowing them to dry, superb mottled finishes can easily be produced  There is an additional colour, Black Tulip; it is not a popular colour but is available if required.


Shake-n-Spray started out as a working name because that is exactly how it is used. The contents settle very quickly so do just as the label says to produce a metallic shimmer over card, embellishments or as a final touch to any of the other inks. Once dried, no fixative is necessary. This exciting product is supplied in 50ml finger operated pump action spray bottles and is available in Antique Gold, Bronze, Copper, Gold, Pewter, Silver and Soft Gold.


Firework Burst

Developed for using on dark card, this spray is supplied in a 50ml finger operated pump action bottle.  Used in the same way as the other spray inks David makes, the effect is truly magical.  If you imagine the fireworks in the dark sky, you can see where we got the name from!  We have blue, green, red and violet.

Liquid Lustre

This is an exciting new product that gives colour and pearlescent lustre to any project. It can be used on any colour of paper and card or it can be sprayed onto textiles. (Please note however, it is not suitable for washing). Two or three colours can be sprayed on top of each other whilst wet, or each colour can be allowed to dry before applying the next. Whatever you do, the final effect will be stunning.

Liquid Lustre is supplied in 50ml atomiser bottles (also known as spritzer bottles). It can be applied straight from the bottles, varying the distance from the paper will change the effect obtained, or can be sprayed onto cotton wool or a sponge and dabbed on the surface and allowed to dry. Spray them on, splash them on, dab them on, dab them off - great fun - great product - great customer satisfaction!

There are fifteen colours to play with; Aqua, Aubergine, Blue, Christmas Green, Christmas Red, Frost, Green, Lemon, Lilac, Lime, Midnight Gold, Midnight Silver, Orange, Pink and Red.

Walnut Ink Crystals

This is a traditional water-soluble dye that is very popular with Scrapbookers to produce an aged effect on paper and card. Just dissolve some crystals in water to produce a solution which can be dripped, sponged or flooded on to paper or card. An excellent result can be achieved by crumpling the paper or card and flattening it out again before applying the ink with one of the above techniques, then setting aside to dry. As the ink will react differently depending on the base material it is advisable to test and experiment to achieve the desired result. An alternative technique is to sprinkle dry crystals onto damp paper for a deep colour, or to apply the crystals directly onto dry card and then spray with clean water.

Pearly Inks

These inks are available in a super range of 30 brilliant colours but can be intermixed to produce your own special shades. They should be applied with a soft brush, or can be used with a lining pen to give lines of varying widths. There are two particular things to note when using these inks; firstly, and obviously, the pigments in the inks are heavy and settle out (!) this is the nature of the ink, but it just needs a thorough shake to mix it up again.  Secondly, the ink dries quickly - a great advantage - unless you haven’t washed the brush out (in water).  They are lovely for filling in the outlines of stamped images, and are gorgeous when used on parchment paper.  If you have a teenage daughter, keep them away - they make a super nail varnish!


The dazzling colour array is : Antique Gold, Aquamarine, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Black, Blue, Bottle Green, Bronze, Champagne Gold, Copper, Deep Pink, Gold, Green, Ivory, Light Blue, Light Green, Lilac, Navy, Orange, Pale Yellow, Peach, Pearl, Red, Ruby, Sepia, Silver, Sunset Yellow, Tree Bark, Violet and Yellow.


These plastic pipettes have a squeezable dropper to allow single drops of dye to be placed just where you want it. They are suitable for use with all our spray inks.