Multi-Purpose Craft Adhesive

This is a high-performance adhesive that has a multitude of uses in the craft trade.  It has a high wet tack, it sets quickly, dries clear and will not discolour with age.  It bonds a much wider range of materials than a standard PVA, including some plastics and aluminium foils. This is usually supplied in 50ml pens and 125ml nozzle bottles

Cardmakers Adhesive

This water-based adhesive is specifically formulated to reduce wrinkling and curling when laminating paper and board together.   Ideal for using to make greetings cards, it can also be used for bonding paper to wood, such as when making jigsaws. This is usually supplied in 50ml pens and 125ml nozzle bottles.                                                                

Scrapbook Adhesive

This is a buffered adhesive that has the neutral pH that scrappers demand from their adhesives. It is clear, fast drying and will stick most of the wide range of materials which  are used in scrapbooking, including metal foils and resin coated photographic papers. This is usually supplied in 50ml pens and 125ml nozzle bottles.

Archival Paper Adhesive

This is a clear archival quality adhesive that will not discolour with time or damage surrounding paper fibres. It has been designed to help reduce the curling or wrinkling that sometimes occurs with thin or unstable papers.  To achieve the best results it is important to apply thinly, and to one side only. It would be advisable to allow any glued materials to dry thoroughly before closing in a book. This is usually supplied in 50ml pens and 125ml nozzle bottles.

Vellum Bond

Yes - honest, it works!  This is proving to be a very successful adhesive that glues parchment to itself and to paper or card with very, very little show. There are a couple of small provisos though, firstly to achieve the best results use only a small amount and press the papers together to squeeze the adhesive even thinner. Secondly, it works best on plain vellum with white or ivory card. Coloured papers and card are not as successful but it is still better than most adhesives. It is available as standard in 50 ml pens but can be supplied in other sizes if requested.

Foiling Adhesive

Use the fine-tipped nozzle of the foiling adhesive bottle to write with, let it dry, which will then leave a tacky surface. Place the foil over the raised adhesive and rub gently to pick up the foil.  The effect is a 3D metallic message.  It can also be used with our Pearly Powder or Glitter Dust. It is normally supplied in 30ml bottles.

Glitter Bond

This is a premium adhesive that locks glitter firmly in place. It is supplied with a fine stainless steel nozzle that allows for very accurate placing of the adhesive. The 30ml bottle is small enough to be held comfortably in the hand to write with the adhesive. The adhesive is then sprinkled with Glitter Dust while it is still wet and the excess knocked off. Leave to dry until the adhesive is set. Spare nozzles are available separately. This adhesive is also available in white for use with iridescent glitters on dark cards.

Pearly Tack

This is a specialist product that is used with our Pearly Powders. Apply the glue in a thin coat with a brush and allow to dry.  Brush the Pearly Powder onto the glue, remove the excess with a large soft brush.  Burnish with a soft cloth if desired; apart from polishing the powder slightly, this beds it firmly into the adhesive layer.  Glitter powders can also be used in this way but do not remove the excess at this stage, just place a piece of paper over the work, rub over the paper to bed the glitter in, then knock off the excess.  It is of course a good adhesive in its own right and can be used to bond paper and card. It is supplied in 60ml jars.

Pearly Gum

This is another specialist product that is used with Pearly Powders. It is a ready-to-use binder that is used in a similar way to Gum Arabic.  Just add a little Pearly Powder to the gum to achieve the consistency you like and mix well, if necessary add a little water to suit. It really is that easy!  Apply with a brush. It is supplied in 60ml jars.

Re-moistenable Adhesive

This water-based adhesive has been specially developed for making envelopes or gummed shapes from paper and card. It is ideal for use with the Enveloper or other folding boards. It can be used straight from the tub as an ordinary adhesive but if applied thinly and allowed to dry it will become sticky again when re-moistened.  Needless to say, it is non-toxic!  Normally supplied in 60ml jars, it is available in other sizes on request