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We are happy to supply to everyone, both trade and retail. 

Over the years we have worked closely with many well-known craft companies to develop their own branded products.  You may well have been using our products for years without realising it!  Our pricing structure offers quantity discounts to all customers, i.e. the more you buy, the less you pay.

You will see that there are no prices given for our products, this is partly because we are not a selling site and also because as manufacturers we can offer different sizes.

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Crafters around the country are discovering that Sticky Fingers really are the specialists in adhesive technology.  All those nagging little gluing problems that can so easily spoil a lovely piece of work can so often be prevented by using the correct adhesive.  We have now extended our range of unique crafting adhesives that are proving to be so indispensable amongst serious craft people.  These adhesives have all been developed by us to help you achieve the best results possible. 

Tapes and Foam Pads

Tapes are available in many different widths, lengths and qualities.  Most of our tapes, with the exception of Double-sided Foam Tape, are on rolls at least 50 metres long and are of exceptionally high quality.


Our Double-sided Foam Pads are available in different sizes and thickness.


Pearlidoodles are proving to a very popular product. They are 3-dimensional pearly embellishments that are available in an exciting range of colours.  The squeezable 30ml bottle comes with a fine nozzle that allows for accuracy of application. Dots, lines and squiggles are all available at a whim.  By taking a little Pearlidoodle off the tip with a wet brush, they can be used as a pearlescent paint that can make peel-offs look stunning. They will even work on vellum without warping it. They will also work on fabric, but please hand-wash at 40 degrees. 

Warning!  Pearlidoodles can be addictive - can you really stop at just one dot?

They are available in the following colours:  Aqua, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Black, Blue, Candyfloss Pink, Cerise, Copper, Coral, Cream, Evergreen, Festive Red, Green, Gold, Leaf Green, Lemon Zest, Lilac, Lime Zest, Marine Blue, Orange, Orange Zest, Peach, Pearl, Primrose Yellow, Purple, Red, Royal Gold, Sea Green, Silver, Soft Green and Soft Yellow.


The ‘Christmas’ range is Evergreen, Festive Red and Royal Gold.

The ‘Citrus’ range of colours is Lemon Zest, Lime Zest and Orange Zest.

The ‘Essential’ range contains Black, Copper, Gold, Pearl and Silver.

The ‘Marine’ range has Coral, Marina Blue and Sea Green.

The ‘Pastel’ range is Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Leaf Green, Lilac and Primrose Yellow.

The ‘Spring’ range contains Aqua, Candyfloss Pink, Cream, Peach and Soft Green.

The ‘Vibrant’ range comprises Blue, Green, Orange, Purple and Red.

Glitters and Powders

A range of exciting shimmering powders.

Dyes and Inks

Here you will find ranges of spray inks in a wide variety of colours, metallics and pearlescent

Lacquers and Glazes

As well as the usual glazes for decoupage, we also have some exciting coloured and metallic glazes.

Bottles and Jars

 Very useful for storing little bits and pieces, and for decanting into





These paints were developed for specialist markets, they are so much more than standard acrylics.